Offices are busy places, with lots of people, and lots going on. Because of this, they are the ideal breeding ground for germs – which can hide in many not so obvious places. However, keeping the office clean can be a challenge for any business owner. 

Here at Facility Services Group, we can help combat this; offering affordable, professional commercial cleaners to suit your specific needs. In this guide, we will explore some of the most unhygienic spaces in the office, and how all your cleaning needs can be taken care of. 


With an array of computer equipment and surfaces that are constantly in contact with human hands, desks are a complete germ magnet. 

Because employees are constantly interacting with them, it is vital that they are kept clean and sanitised to avoid illness. Whether you own a small, one-person office, or a large enterprise, Facility Services Group can offer effective and bespoke cleaning solutions to ensure your desks are fully sanitary.

Break room

As one of the most occupied areas in the office, the break room is an ideal breeding ground for germs. With coffee-stained mugs, unwashed plates, and remnants of food, our commercial cleaning solutions can help keep this busy office area in pristine condition.

Communal spaces

Employees making back and forth trips to the water cooler, fridge, and microwave are ideal candidates for spreading germs. 

With potentially dozens of people touching the same handles every day, it has never been so important to keep these facilities sanitised, to prevent illness spreading like wildfire.

Keeping your office space clean has never been so important. Cleanliness is a direct reflection of your brand, how seriously you take presentation, and how much you care about the wellbeing of your employees. 

At Facility Services Group, we offer bespoke, cost-effective, and professional cleaning packages that are suitable for any business, no matter how big or small.

We want to help maximise your business operations by keeping your workspace well kept and clean, to ensure the optimal health of your employees. Take pride in your appearance and get in touch with us today for a professional commercial cleaning service.