Washroom Services

The washroom is the one place in your establishment that requires regular cleaning. Not only is it important to keep this area hygienic, but a clean, well-stocked washroom makes for a comfortable experience for your staff and a good first impression for clients.

If you own a busy enterprise, such as an events venue or a bar, you may want to invest in dedicated toilet cleaner services. But even if your washroom services are on a small scale, the team at Facility Services Group can assist in providing a personalised solution that suits your requirements and budget. 

By understanding your specific needs, we’ll be able to determine how many washroom service calls are appropriate for your business. Our services aim to ensure that everyone using your washroom has a pleasant and clean experience. Our washroom service professionals are all excellent at what they do and maintain high standards and attention to detail.

No matter how big or small your establishment is, we can provide a personalised solution that is just right for you!

More Than Just Toilet Cleaning Services

In addition to our toilet cleaner services, Facility Services Group also offers the following washroom services:

  • Light bathroom maintenance work
  • Installation of washroom dispensers, including hand sanitiser dispensers, paper towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers and liquid soap dispensers
  • Refilling of washroom dispensers
  • Air freshener dispensers
  • Sanitary disposal bins

We also provide a full range of consumables such as toilet paper, paper towels, liquid soap, etc. It makes sense to get your washroom consumables from Facility Services Groups. We provide top-quality yet affordable products that will ensure everyone’s washroom experience is pleasant.

Why Invest in Washroom Services?

  • Ensure that your washroom looks clean and presentable
  • Maintain high levels of hygiene
  • Create a comfortable working environment
  • Provide quality facilities for your clients

If you are currently managing your own washroom maintenance, you’ll see what a difference investing in professional washroom and toilet cleaning services can make for your establishment. 

Partner With Us For Quality Washroom Services

Rest assured knowing that your washroom is clean, well-provisioned and taken care of. If you have any questions relating to our washroom services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Facility Services Group.

Commercial Specialists

We specialise in commercial cleaning - we do not work in the residential industry. We limit our services to the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors throughout Auckland, so we ensure that you get the specialised attention you deserve.

Trained and Trusted Employees

Trained and Trusted Employees

Our employees are carefully selected and go through rigorous training before their first job. Our employees are trustworthy, police vetted and enjoy job satisfaction because we apply living wage principles.


Facility Services Group is a value-driven company. We believe that it is very important that managers, employees and customers abide by a set of common values, without compromising them for financial gain.

Customer Focused

We believe that frequent, accurate and open communication is the key to customer satisfaction. We’re able to offer our customers a highly satisfactory, completely personalised cleaning service that meets all their needs

Environmentally Responsible Icon

Environmentally Responsible

Environmental responsibility is a priority for us, and that is why we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and offer sustainable washroom consumables. We believe that together we can make a difference.

Socially Responsible

We are proud of our social practices. We apply living wage employment and offer development opportunities to staff. We have partnered with Dignity.nz to support the drive for free period products in schools and workplaces. Every contribution makes a difference.

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