As a provider of construction site cleaning services, we know how quickly waste and clutter can accumulate as a result of building work.

However, if you are in charge of a construction site, you must keep it clean for your workers’ safety and productivity are at risk. Here are several challenges you will face…

Waste Disposal 

Many materials left over from building projects can be recycled or reused but first need to be separated from waste destined for landfills. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a skip that you would be able to leave on the construction site and fill with debris as and when necessary, enabling you to manage waste in a more eco-conscious manner.

Dust Control 

Many building activities — like grinding tiles and shovelling soil and rubble — generate dust, which can create a mess and threaten onsite workers’ health.

Fortunately, there are various options for controlling dust. For example, you can attach dust catchers to construction tools and — when possible — keep doors and windows closed to limit the spread of dust.

Debris Management 

Ideally, you will reduce pollutants at the source. When this isn’t possible, though, you can still tackle the problem of stray debris through a number of means. 

At the end of every workday, you can thoroughly vacuum the construction site. Another idea is to create a dedicated walkway covered with plastic sheeting. Your workers’ boots might pick up dirt, but much of this could be left on the covering and be easy to dispose of afterwards.

Preparing and Enacting a Cohesive Plan

It’s your responsibility to ensure that everyone on the construction site knows what they are supposed to do and when in regards to cleaning. 

You might need to train members of your staff on such procedures as removing waste and tidying up specific areas.

Post-Construction Site Cleaning 

Once you and your team have finished assembling a building, you will naturally want it to look spick and span, ready to welcome its first occupants.

With our construction site cleaning services in Auckland, we can help builders at this stage as well as while the construction work is underway. Along the way, we will routinely adhere to the client’s health and safety guidelines. Get in touch with us for a free quote.