Are you trying to choose from various office cleaning services in Auckland? If you run a business in one of the city’s abundant office spaces, it would be vital that you keep this work environment clean and hygienic for not only your employees but also clients and investors who visit the premises.

When approaching office cleaning providers, you should establish answers to the following questions…

What Specific Office Cleaning Service Do You Require?

Auckland companies can differ from each other in their office cleaning requirements. Perhaps your in-house workers already regularly clean your workplace’s ‘main’ areas, like the reception area and open-plan spaces, but you still need a cleaner with specialist expertise in sanitising washrooms?

Whether you are looking for a highly tailored service or something more comprehensive, question the provider closely to make sure that the service will meet your needs.

What are the Cleaners’ Credentials? 

How thoroughly have the cleaners been trained in office cleaning? As you also don’t want anyone with a criminal record to work in your office, you should check that the cleaning company’s employees have been vetted by police and passed MOJ (Ministry of Justice) background checks.

Does the Cleaning Company Have a Solid Track Record? 

Don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous clients or search the company’s website for testimonials. It would also be a good sign if the business responds promptly to your questions, as this can evidence a strong commitment to customer service.

Is the Company Flexible?

In other words, can it have cleaners work on your premises at times convenient for your business? We at Facility Services Group can send cleaning professionals to your Auckland office at literally any time — and no member of your in-house staff needs to be at the office when these cleaners visit.

However, to provide you with after-hours servicing, we will need to be handed keys or door/alarm codes for your office in advance.

Want to know more about our office cleaning services in Auckland? Whether you are keen to know about what cleaning supplies we use, our dedication to sustainability or any other aspect of our business, just email [email protected].